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Flexible Earning Opportunity

Whether you work full time, part-time, or when you have spare time, you can earn in a way that suits your schedule.

Choose Your Clients

We pair you with customers that live nearby, to ensure your time and travel costs are kept to a minimum. All you need to do is select your geographical range and when you want to work, and we’ll do the rest.

Native Language Support

Whatever language is your primary dialect, we can offer support through our multilingual team.

Safe & Secure

Every customer that uses the app must undertake a registration process to ensure they are verified to book your services. We also ensure that you are able to see the details of every customer that books an appointment.

Flexible Scheduling

Using the MAK.today Helper App, you can manage your schedule in a way that suits you, right down to the location of your next appointment.

Pricing Flexibility

Choose your hourly rates and add it to your profile for potential customers.

Requirements for MAK.today Pro

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MAK.today is an application platform that connects professional cleaners with households