COVID-19 Regulations

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MAK.today Guidance on Safer Working during the Coronavirus Pandemic (Covid-19)

We have incorporated government safety guidelines into our operations and are implementing additional safety and cleaning measures to keep our cleaners and our customers safe. All cleaners have regular PCR Covid-19 tests.

  1. Cleaners’ temperature is measured prior to bookings.
  2. Cleaners should thoroughly wash their hands when entering a home, alternatively use hand sanitizer. 
  3. Cleaners should have face coverings on at all times.
  4. Cleaners should maintain a safe distance of at least 2 metres from any household occupants at all times. We recommend that customers stay in a different room during cleaning.
  5. Special attention should be paid to “high touched” areas such as door handles, lights switches etc.
  6. Cleaners should ensure good ventilation in the area where you are working, including opening the window.
  7. Surfaces should be cleaned using regular products, then disinfected using a range of professional disinfectants approved by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).
  8. Cleaning cloths and mops should be washed at a high temperature (60°C or above) after every use.

Please, contact us if any questions: as a customer [email protected], as a service supplier [email protected].