Before hiring a cleaning service, it’s a good idea to learn exactly what kinds of services each cleaner offers, and therefore the difference between regular and deep cleans.

Any quality and reputable cleaner will be able to offer you a range of services. That said, when you’re presented with these different cleaning options, it can be difficult to know exactly what services your home needs at that time. 

Typically, these services, will come under the umbrella of two core offerings:

– Regular cleaning

– Deep cleaning

In this blog, we’ll be outlining the difference between the two and the most common services that are included in each.

What is a Regular Clean?

When you choose the services of a cleaning professional for a regular clean, this usually means they’ll come to your home, once a week, or every other week to maintain the general cleanliness of your home.

Although regular cleans do cost less than deep cleans, bear in mind that this cleaning option is more about upkeep and maintenance, which necessitates regular visits.

When you hire a cleaner for regular hours, they will usually perform the following services:

– Hardwood and laminate floors are swept, cleaned or mopped.

– Carpets and rugs will be hoovered.

Bathrooms are scrubbed and sprayed with disinfectant.

– Dusting and surface wiping.

Kitchen surfaces and exteriors are sprayed with disinfectant, including cookers and other appliances.

– Window sills and doors are wiped clean of any bacterial growth (especially important during the winter months).

– Bed making.

– Dusting.

What is a Deep Clean?

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The biggest difference between regular and deep cleans, is the attention and time that is taken to complete a particular task. 

While regularly scheduled cleans involve keeping up with basic cleanliness, deep cleans are far more extensive. Deep cleaning involves a complete scrub down of areas and appliances that are either hard to reach or aren’t required to be cleaned after every use. 

Besides improving the aesthetic of your home, this kind of cleaning improves the quality of your appliances and reduces build up of dirt and potentially harmful bacteria that could decrease the general cleanliness of your home. 

Some cleaners require a deep clean to be performed for first-time customers, to ensure that any regular cleaning is efficient and to within their time limit for subsequent appointments. 

Another big difference you should be aware of is the cost element. This is almost always more expensive than regular cleaning, due to the time and effort required to complete the job to a high standard.

You may typically be offered the following services within deep cleans, although since deep cleans are sporadic by nature, more tailored cleans can often be discussed with your cleaner depending on your needs: 

– Removing soap stains, scrubbing tiles and shower screens, cleaning within shower heads and taps and unblocking drains in bathrooms.

– Cleaning behind and within large appliances such as ovens, washing machines, dishwashers and microwaves.

Dusting and hoovering under and behind large furniture, such as sofas, wardrobes and beds.

– Carpet washing and stain removal.

– Interior window and patio door cleaning.

These are just a few of the deep cleaning options you might require, but you can see why such a service costs more than a regular clean.

Which Service Do I Require?

When you hire a cleaning professional for the first time, it’s often recommended that you book a deep clean in any areas that have been neglected.

Once those areas have been addressed, you can create a schedule that suits your lifestyle, whether that be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. 

In fact, when you book through the app, you can select the top-rated cleaning professionals in your area and book your cleans up to three months in advance or book one-off cleans.

It’s a good idea to speak with your chosen cleaner beforehand, to ensure you have all the equipment they require for the cleaner – you can also do this in real time through the app’s chat feature.

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